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What is the Screen City Biennial?

The Screen City Biennial is an art exhibition.
It takes place in Berlin in 2022 and in Oslo in 2023. Oslo is the capital of Norway.
In the past, it happened in Stavanger. Stavanger is another city in Norway.
In the exhibition you can find artworks made by international artists.
You can watch many videos, and there are also interactive artworks. This means, you can take part in them if you want.

What does “Screen City Biennial'' mean?

Screen: There are many videos.
City: It happens in different public spaces in a city.
Biennial: It is organized every 2 years.

What are the artworks about?

The title of this exhibition is Other Minds.
It shows artworks about different intelligences and forms of thinking.
Not only humans like you have feelings, but also other animals, plants, fungi, and even very small things like bacteria.
They are all very important for our life and our planet.
Some artworks are about robots and machines.
They are not proper living beings, but they can also be very intelligent.
Their intelligence is based on technology, and it can be very useful.

The location

Screen City Biennial welcomes you at the Archenhold Observatory.
An observatory is a building where scientists and visitors can study the universe.
In the Archenhold Observatory you can find a great telescope. It is called the Great Refractor.
Since 1896 it is used to have a closer look at the sky and the stars.

We really hope you enjoy your visit!


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